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Our mission is simple: To help people invest with intelligence.

Blue Jay Financial Group is the culmination of the vision Jason Bernal shared with Jason Demland as they worked as colleagues for a bank securities firm. “We are an independently managed firm of financial advisors. We started this firm with the explicit goals of creating and maintaining a culture that values Family, which relies on Faith, and runs on Integrity.”

Blue Jay believes in using broad diversification and the efficient market hypothesis to construct a plan that will last for our clients. “By acting primarily as Investment Advisor Representatives we can help act in the best interests of our clients. We can help construct a strong financial future built on a solid principled foundation.”

We are here to help our clients by constructing a plan and injecting discipline into lives. We want to help our clients to be confident with their entire financial life whether that means helping with individual retirement plans, investment strategies, or business retirement plans, we are here offering our service.

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