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Still Waiting For The Bear Market...

| October 09, 2017
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If the economy keeps at it for another year and a half, this will be the longest expansion on record.  Do you remember the economy of the 1990s?  That was the longest so far.  This expansion has been as big as the 90's, but it's looking likely that it will last longer.

Will it keep up?  Not forever.  There's no way to be entirely certain, but many of the hallmarks that precede a recession are lacking right now.  Monetary policy is relatively loose, but could be better.  Tax policy seems favorable to economic growth.  It doesn't look like home builders are over-building, consumer debt isn't out of control, and banks are sitting on a whole lot more money than they were pre-2008.  

We keep hearing from people that they've been putting off investing because they think the market is "due" for a big giant and catastrophic pullback.  Those people are listening to too much Glenn Beck and if they've been waiting since 2009, 2011, 2014, 2015, or the beginning of this year they've already missed out on too much.  Talk to us today about long-term investment strategy and let us help you get started.

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