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Would You Pick The Winner?

| October 03, 2017
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Brian Wesbury is an economist who blogs at  Mr. Wesbury posed a question I thought I'd forward on to you.

Imagine it's 10 years ago and we're on the precipice of the stock market collapse that was the Great Recession of '08/'09.  You know a big bear market is coming and you even know what tax policy and government spending will look like in the future of 2017.  You get these options to invest your life savings in and you only get to pick one:  The S&P 500, Gold, a 10-Year Treasury Note, oil, housing, or cash.  

Which would you have picked?  The stock market was hitting all time highs, deficits and taxes were on the rise, and unemployment was about to skyrocket.  Try to be honest.  Would you have picked stocks in that situation?

The S&P 500 on the basis of total return outperformed all of those asset classes over the last 10 years.  That's not what "conventional wisdom" would have us believe, but it's the truth.  That's an important bit of information to process while you're planning your retirement and deciding what to do with your hard-earned life savings.  Give us a call and let us help you.

Read Brian Wesbury's full article here:

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