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Our Planning Process

Our Step-by-Step Planning Process

We expect a lot from us, so you should too. Our personal relationships with our clients are what make us different. Expect to hear from us frequently regardless of current market situations. Whether we are your first advisor or you’re switching to us we want the process to be as transparent and simple as possible.

We focus on you, we don’t have a call center or annoying hold music, and will meet with you face to face, on skype, email, the phone, or smoke signals if that’s what you’re comfortable with. We will work closely with you to understand what drives you and what your plan is. We’ll use some great technology to help define the likelihood of reaching your goals and continually monitor and make changes as necessary. We will always be upfront and clear about cost, whether that’s our fee-based structure or any other portion of the business.

Here’s what you can expect from Blue Jay Financial Group in your first 100 days with us:

Bluejay FInancial Group - Planning Process

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