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Why A Blue Jay...

Have you seen one? Aside from its vibrant coloring and its sometimes annoying noisiness, blue jays are remarkably intelligent birds that save, plan, and protect their families. Both the male and female jaybirds gather materials for building their nest and aggressively protect it and their young. You may have seen the familiar sight of a blue jay chasing and mocking predators like a hawk; this shows the resilience and tenacity of the bird. Amazingly, blue jays collect food and store it for later (kind of like a beautifully plumed, tailless squirrel with a beak, and also only two feet). The blue jay can hold as many as five acorns in its mouth for transportation and a recent study found a group of six blue jays stored more than 3000 acorns in a single autumn!

Why a blue jay? The blue jay is a planner, it values its family, and is wise with its current resources so that it can flourish in the future. That’s why.

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