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Why does it matter that we're a SmartVestor Pro?  It's another helpful differentiator between us and some other advisors.  You can trust us to help with your retirement, college savings, and other investments.  Blue Jay Financial Group specializes in fee-based investment management and retirement planning.  We believe in putting our clients' interest first and act in a fiduciary capacity.  We have no proprietary products and are able to operate without the conflicts that many other advisors face.  We'll take the time to listen to your concerns and goals, make a recommendation to you based on your personal comfort levels, and always take the time to teach you about the strategies that we use, the products we use, and how to understand how much you're paying for what you get.  Our financial planning process is lock-step with the Ramsey Solutions organization's* philosophy.  We prioritize living on a budget, dumping debt, and then saving and building wealth.  Live like no one else so later you can live like no one else!

We serve our clients in a variety of ways and are happy to meet you at our office, in your home, at a local restaurant or coffee shop, or even virtually.  We have clients in several states and many of them in the entirety of Northwest Ohio.  We are regularly in the surrounding towns of Bryan, Wauseon, Archbold, Swanton, Paulding, Napoleon, Lima, Ottawa, Findlay, and Ft. Wayne. We don't forget about the little 'burgs either:  Holgate, Kalida, Pandora, Sherwood, Ney, Montpelier, Ayersville, Hamler, Deshler, Continental, and Oakwood - we serve clients in all of them.

Give us a call at 419-785-4525 or email to get started investing like a smartvestor.

* Blue Jay Financial and Cetera Advisors are not affiliated and are separate entities from the Ramsey Solutions Organizations or the SmartVestor program.

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